Library Info An (Impressive) Work in Progress

Health Care reform was the big news item for months before it actually came to fruition. But now what? After all the debates and the compromise, what changes can you look forward to? I'm so glad you asked! (okay, so I asked. But maybe you were at least curious?)

To find the answers to these and other questions, head to The site provides a brief overview of the policy, a timeline of when each part will take effect, overall goals of the re-haul, and a place to shop for insurance plans. At this point the strongest piece of the site is the actually summary of the legislation which contains an overwhelming number of parts. Changes in Medicare, an emphasis on prevention, technological improvements to record-keeping, changes to how individuals interact with insurance companies, etc. It's a dizzyingly long list of things for the average person to keep track of but is broken down nicely on the government site. I'm impressed, which is a rare thing from a government web site.

Where the site falls short currently is the tool to help users find Insurance Options. Although, users can pull up a list of potential insurance plans that suit their needs, the site doesn't provide price estimates in one convenient place yet. These price estimates are slated to become available in October of this year which will be a valuable addition to the site.

Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

You may also be interested in checking out this New York Times calculator to see how the policy will affect you!


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