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Although I am a lover of food and cooking, I have found that, much to my chagrin, I am terribly unimaginative in the kitchen. I need direction. I need a list of ingredients and clear instructions on how to put them all together. In other words, I rely on recipes. Luckily we have access to all kinds of great recipes. For starters (no pun intended) the library has a great collection of cookbooks (Nonfiction 641). I’m always impressed by the variety and breadth available there.  

Sadly, in addition to not being a very creative cook, I’m also not a champion of planning ahead (terrible combination). So I sometimes find myself at home with the urge to cook but in need of some guidance. This is when I turn to sites like, The Food Network online, or Epicurious. These are tried and true favorites which let you search through recipes, view comments and reviews, and sometimes even view nutrition information. Luckily sites like these continue to add features which make them even more valuable. In addition to these favorites I have recently discovered the sharp-looking, featured-filled site Yummly.

In Yummly, users can set up a profile which helps narrow down searches. You can add diet and allergy information; favorite and least favorite foods; information about where you like to shop; how much you can spend on your at-home meals; and how much time food takes to prepare. This feature is nice because it still allows you to search for specific meals or foods but it also provides the FoodFinder which lists recipes that meet your specific tastes and needs. Yummly also has a social feature which allows you to share recipes with your “friends” on the site. It will be interesting to see what other recipe sites emerge over the next year or so.

Have a favorite recipe book or cooking site? Feel free to add it to the comments section!

Other cooking tools:

Convert Center (change units to suit your cooking needs). 

Bing Recipes (recipe searching provided by the search engine Bing).



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