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Taking the Mystery out of Stain Removal

I often pride myself on my “tallish” stature and ridiculously long arms. I can reach things in high places and barely have to lean over to tie my shoes. The downside is a tendency towards the klutzy side. Combine that with my bad habit of eating while driving and there’s no surprise that spilling is a common part of my life. Until recently, I treated all stains the same with pretty limited success. But the times are changing and I have found the ultimate web resource on stain removal. And yes, I’m excited about a website on stain removal. There’s nothing special about the technology of the website itself but it’s still a handy resource worth sharing.

Researchers at the University of Illinois put together a comprehensive guide to removing over 200 different kinds of stains. The list is quite specific too, including 11 different types of oil and even makes a distinction between coffee with cream and coffee without. After selecting the stain culprit users are shown how to remove the stain from washable fabrics, carpet, or upholstery. I think this is a great example of a simple site, cleanly designed and chock full of great information.

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