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Finding Great Deals on Text Books Online

For many of us, mid-January is nothing special. It may be around now that you’ve finally returned those unwanted Christmas gifts or given up your new year’s resolutions. But for many people it’s time to return to the classroom which means it’s time for the dreaded task of buying text books. I am a big believe in supporting local businesses but it’s just not always possible when you need such specific titles so I go straight to the internet.

Nearly everyone has their preferred online option. Some love the easy interface of Amazon or the pretty colors of Barnes & Noble. But if you’re really trying to find the best deal on new and used books isn’t it best to compare them all? Enter Rather than sleuthing around the internet, one site at a time, you have the option of searching for the item you need at BigWords who will then search multiple sites for you. Among others, they search Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BooksAMillion,, and eCampus. After you enter all of the books you’re looking for, BigWords makes recommendations based on both the price of the book and shipping costs. Plus, while you wait for them to crunch the numbers they provide you with a list of one-liners to amuse you. One down side of the service is that you will still need to create accounts with each vendor you buy books from. BigWords just allows you to search multiple sites at a time in order to find the best deal.

There are plenty of great services like this. If you’re interested, share your favorite online book sellers in the comments.


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