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Being Smart about Online Status Updates

Online applications like Facebook and Twitter seem to be all about over-sharing the details of one’s life with a large network of people.  However, recently wrote about the importance of thinking twice about the information you share in these forums. Specifically, they suggest that posting travel plans online leaves your house vulnerable while you’re away. Thus, they suggest leaving the dates and locations out of your travel plans and making sure your profile doesn’t include your actual street address. But you might also just take into account the people who currently have access to your updates. If you Tweet but your account is locked and if your Facebook page is only accessible to your network of friends, you might rest a little easier. That is unless you think a friend may break into your house.

This is good advice for the holidays when people tend to travel a lot. But it also just gets us thinking about what we’re sharing and with whom we’re sharing it. There are many examples of both positive and negative impacts of social networking. Take a moment to decide if you want to share every part of your profile with each person in your network (and possibly beyond) and make a choice that’s right for you.


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