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Where are our manners?

It isn't that we weren't brought up correctly.  Our mothers did teach us what to do when expecting visitors: arrange the furniture in a welcoming manner, have comfortable seating available, put away your toys and crafts, and, for heaven's sake--dust!



Though we don't appear to have paid attention, we really were listening to Mom all along.  Now that the remodeling is done, we are addressing matters of courtesy.  We are replacing supplies into de-cluttered storage spaces so that we can locate and replace printing materials quickly; relocating music CDs for more convenient browsing; streamlining the tops of service desks so that you can see library staff more easily--that sort of thing.  And about that dusting: it's definitely on our list.

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On Monday, November 3, our first day of re-opening, we will be offering guided tours of the library every hour on the hour from 10:00am - 6:00pm.  We hope that you can join one of these tours and that you'll enjoy the changes and enhancements created with you in mind.  Mom would be proud!



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