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The Renovation Wrap-Up Scramble

Well, renovation is officially complete, and there are only three working days left (including today) before we re-open. What better way to celebrate than with a new dance!  We call it the Renovation Wrap-up Scramble. Here we see David Sharp mid-groove.

He'll have to do this dance a few more times if these shelves are to be out of sight by the time we re-open.  

Later today, we plan on playing some musical chairs,

but instead of the music stopping and finding yourself without a seat, in our version, as long as the music is playing, chairs will be going back to where they are supposed to be.

And it's not just chairs and shelves that make good dancing partners.  We've got a multitude of choices to pick from.  There are computer cables, tables, paperwork, desk drawers, books, book carts...oh, the list is long.

Essentially, the next three days will be a matter of just working hard to get the library back into order.


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