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You've heard of "gray areas"...

...and we have a few of those in the library right now.  These are spaces that are technically finished--sort of.  The new checkin area is more or less complete, because the walls are done.  However, no work surfaces or carts have been set up.  The upstairs public area has classy new paint and floor coverings, but the shelving is incomplete, and the tables that held now-shelved books have yet to be put away.  The reference desk is being totally reorganized so looks awful at this point, and functionality is a couple of days away.  The new librarians' office appears move-in ready but isn't due to the need for finalizing connectivity needs.  And of course all the furniture and all those supplies that aren't in their proper places are currently in, well, improper places.



We're in the home stretch now, anxious to finish projects, move into the last of the new workspaces, and gear up for the library's re-opening a week from now. 

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