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Eat your heart out, Jenny Craig

Remember the old library circulation counter?  It ranged over a sizable portion of first floor and encompassed checkin and checkout processes, along with many, many bookcarts.  Now that the new checkin area has been constructed, the counter is downsizing.  The rest of us only wish that we could achieve a leaner, trimmer silhouette this quickly.


Speaking of cosmetic changes, the wall surrounding the checkin area should be receiving its surface and paint before long.  Before all is said and done, the slots you'll use to return your materials will be framed and finished.  Looking through one of them today, you can see not only the rough edges remaining but also a hint of the activity behind the wall.


Only a couple of weeks remain, and we hope you've been watching our progress and are looking forward to seeing the updated and re-purposed library space in November.  We promise that the new version of the counter will be standing upright and looking good by then.  In the meantime, just keep track of that library card so that it and you will ready for our re-opening! 


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