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And now for something completely different...

Construction over the past 24 hours has produced subtle (but not photogenic) alterations to the building. On the other hand, the camera has caught library staffers in change-producing mode.

Patrons will notice right away that separate Reference and Circulating areas no longer exist. If, for example, you are searching for books with facts and statistics about fast food consumption in the United States, you no longer need to browse for books that can be checked out in the circulating section and books that will have great data that you can photocopy (but not check out) in the Reference section. You will just go to whichever call number you choose--perhaps 614.5 or 394.1--and find both materials that check out and ones that don't shelved together for your convenience. Geeta is shown applying labels to the Reference books, and we see David adjusting shelves to fit the new arrangement. What the photos don't portray is the fact that these scenes will be repeated hundreds of times before the merging project is finished--and that other staffers are working right along with them.

Other behind-the-scenes activities include the ongoing processes of ordering materials and keeping the library in touch with the public. Barbara has just sent in a large order for new fiction books that should arrive in time for the library's re-opening. With most phones still not in working order, Dora uses her trusty walkie-talkie to track down library personnel needed to answer questions from our patrons or from other staff.

And while we're waiting to spy the next before-and-after change, some self-improvements are underway. Pat and Geeta scored 100% on the self-paced Genealogy Tour to learn about the library's genealogy collection. All public services staff will complete the course; next time you need a jump start with your family history project, anyone at the desk will be able to point you in the right direction!


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