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Why did the snake get on the elevator?

Answer:  To move up to the second floor for some fresh air!   Rocksssanne, the library's ball python mascot, needed temporary relocation so she could avoid noxious fumes.  The new epoxy surface for the first floor hallway was applied directly outside her home.  Dale Ricklefs, library director, is graciously sharing office space with her reptilian colleague.  Dale reports that, even though Rocksssanne is currently shedding her skin and therefore feels a bit more sensitive than usual, she appears to be handling the transitions well.


The same can be said of other library staff.  Employees accustomed to spending most of their time assisting the public now log in many hours shelving, shifting, and processing books and other resources.  Candy, Chip, David S., and Eric spent hours measuring and analyzing shelving allocations on second floor.  They now have a strategy for combining circulating and non-circulating books so that our patrons can more easily find and use all the materials on their chosen topics.  As that ambitious project is gearing up, this empty shelving area awaits its new, more effective arrangement.





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