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No tumbleweeds yet, though

The library under renovation is a bit like the Old West.  With offices being uprooted for carpeting and computers a rare commodity, library staffers are homesteadin' office space and stakin' out opportunities to go online and revise records, create reports, or whatever.  Like many co-workers, Jane selected her few most precious office possessions to carry with her--in a cardboard box lid instead of a Conestoga wagon.  Along the isolated frontier of the newly tiled guest computer area, she set up camp in a spartan but relatively untroubled space. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (downstairs, actually) Said and some of the helpful construction crew taped up a makeshift partition.  The plastic curtain screens the hallway while it's bein' thoroughly scrubbed to prepare it for the new surface.  That'll doubtless protect the womenfolk and other frontier types.

And the person responsible for disconnectin', reconnectin', movin', and troubleshootin' all those computers is David Wongwai.  He moves so fast and so often that we don't have a photo of him yet.  Like the guys from the noble tradition of Old West television heroes, he shows up in the nick of time, does what needs to be done, and dashes off to answer another distress call.  Who was that IT man?




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