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Obviously, we can't get by on our good looks at this point (see previous blog photos).  Absolutely no one has viewed the piles of tile boxes, discarded floor coverings, and half-finished walls and exclaimed, "Love what you've done with the place!"

At least we are confident of our redeeming inner qualities. Construction and upheaval definitely showcase our flexibility, resourcefulness, and patience. Library staffers use the intercom or walkie-talkies to alert one another when the only available route to the bathroom changes due to carpet installation or when someone has left personal belongings perilously close to a stack of construction debris bound for the dumpster.  We share computers and desk space and rely on each other to lug boxes out of the way as the remodeling progresses.

If meeting the daily challenges of a renovation is a contest, we'll win it by practicing our customer service skills on each other while we're closed!

See all Library renovation photos in our Flickr set

Elizabeth shelving 10-6 Said consulting 10-6

First floor tile 10-6 Upstairs computer area 10-6


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