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The Round Rock Horror Picture Show (with lots of pictures)

It's actually not that scary in here at all.  In fact, we've got several treats for you today. To start off, here are the beginnings of the new inside drop boxes. One will be for audio/video material and the other for books, as is usual.  Of course, they're not finished.  That's just the drywall skeleton; we still have to put a face on them.  We just wanted to give you a peek at where they will be located.  Where are they located, you ask?  The new inside drop boxes will be conveniently nestled near the Sheppard Street entrance on the east side of the library. You can see the anti-theft guards in the first picture. There they are, directly in front of the side entrance.


What's behind that wall, you ask?  Let's just go and take a look.

It's a construction zone now, but the managers' offices used to be to the right of the circulation desks and the self-check machines.  And where did the offices go?

This is all that's left of them.  The new offices will be relocated upstairs, and what you see going on behind the drop box wall will be the new check-in area. This new check-in area will help us to work between both outside and inside drop boxes much more efficiently.  What a treat for us all!

Another treat:  the new carpet came yesterday.

Lots and lots of boxes of new carpet.  And we thought we'd give you a sneak peek.

This is one square section sitting atop the old carpet. It's a little hard to appreciate on this small scale, but you can visit our city's Flickr set to see a much larger view.

See all Library renovation photos in our Flickr set

If you do, we hope you'll agree with us that it's much warmer and less dated than the old stuff.

Off with the old!

In with the new!

Ever seen one of these things before? Yeah, me neither.  The carpet folks were using this giant mustache trimmer-looking device to take off the padding that was under the old carpet.  That was interesting.

That about wraps up today's goings-on.  Be sure to keep your computer tuned to the same batty website for Monday‚Äôs happenings!


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