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Miss Congeniality

Obviously, we can't get by on our good looks at this point (see previous blog photos).  Absolutely no one has viewed the piles of tile boxes, discarded floor coverings, and half-finished walls and exclaimed, "Love what you've done with the place!"

At least we are confident of our redeeming inner qualities. Construction and upheaval definitely showcase our flexibility, resourcefulness, and patience. Library staffers use the intercom or walkie-talkies to alert one another when the only available route to the bathroom changes due to carpet installation or when someone has left personal belongings perilously close to a stack of construction debris bound for the dumpster.  We share computers and desk space and rely on each other to lug boxes out of the way as the remodeling progresses.

If meeting the daily challenges of a renovation is a contest, we'll win it by practicing our customer service skills on each other while we're closed!

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Elizabeth shelving 10-6 Said consulting 10-6

First floor tile 10-6 Upstairs computer area 10-6

It's Not a Blue Monday...

It's a red one! Those of us who worked this morning saw an outside book drop that was full to the brim, but we're not seeing red about that. In fact, we appreciate the steady flow of items being returned while we're closed. Items returned during our closure help to reduce an overflow when we re-open. We're seeing red, not because we're mad, but because of our newly painted wall. The west wall of the library got its final cardinal-colored coat this morning. If you ask me, it's nice to have some color in one's life and in one's library.   

Carpet installation on the second floor is also in full swing today.


The picture below shows the new carpet up next to the new tile that will sit underneath the adult interent stations on the second floor.  


Thanks for reading and we hope you all enjoy your day!

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The Round Rock Horror Picture Show (with lots of pictures)
It's actually not that scary in here at all.  In fact, we've got several treats for you today. To start off, here are the beginnings of the new inside drop boxes. One will be for audio/video material and the other for books, as is usual.  Of course, they're not finished.  That's just the drywall skeleton; we still have to put a face on them.  We just wanted to give you a peek at where they will be located.  Where are they located, you ask?  The new inside drop boxes will be conveniently nestled near the Sheppard Street entrance on the east side of the library. You can see the anti-theft guards in the first picture. There they are, directly in front of the side entrance.


What's behind that wall, you ask?  Let's just go and take a look.

It's a construction zone now, but the managers' offices used to be to the right of the circulation desks and the self-check machines.  And where did the offices go?

This is all that's left of them.  The new offices will be relocated upstairs, and what you see going on behind the drop box wall will be the new check-in area. This new check-in area will help us to work between both outside and inside drop boxes much more efficiently.  What a treat for us all!

Another treat:  the new carpet came yesterday.

Lots and lots of boxes of new carpet.  And we thought we'd give you a sneak peek.

This is one square section sitting atop the old carpet. It's a little hard to appreciate on this small scale, but you can visit our city's Flickr set to see a much larger view.

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If you do, we hope you'll agree with us that it's much warmer and less dated than the old stuff.

Off with the old!

In with the new!

Ever seen one of these things before? Yeah, me neither.  The carpet folks were using this giant mustache trimmer-looking device to take off the padding that was under the old carpet.  That was interesting.

That about wraps up today's goings-on.  Be sure to keep your computer tuned to the same batty website for Monday‚Äôs happenings!

Who needs a bookmobile?

Our library materials are constantly on the move these days, with or without wheels. Carpet installation has commenced on second floor. That process, along with removal of tile in the Teen Room and continued demolition of walls on first floor, has prompted staff to dismantle displays and furniture, clear shelves, and even remove themselves from their customary work areas.

Amid the temporary stacks and piles of books, carpet boxes, and ladders, staff continue to hold meetings for project planning, work on files, organize books, and order and process new materials. By cramming office equipment into small study rooms and using walkie-talkies to locate one another, we are finding creative ways to get on with the work of the library.

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Linda & Candy clearing for carpet 10-2 First floor new surface 10-2

Carolyn working on files 10-2 Eric emptying New Books 10-2


Today we continued the reading of shelves. Essentially, this is the art of getting all the books in their proper order. Here's Mary and Elaine hard at work. 

Today also saw the emptying of offices in preparation for some walls that are scheduled for demolition very soon. Here's J.D. and David hard at work.


Who knows what tomorrow will hold...Stay tuned to find out....

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First no patrons, now no office

Day Two of the library renovation saw staffers gingerly stepping around the margins of large areas on first and second floors.  We're advised that the adhesive remover is slick and are willing to take the construction crew's word without testing for ourselves.  When the flooring removal process is complete, tile will be laid in the public computer area on second floor.  We spotted the boxes of tile and treated ourselves to a preview.  Very classy!  We think you'll be impressed and may offer you a glimpse shortly.

Day Three begins with two wall areas (for the new checkin/checkout area) being framed and an office for staff of the children's department reorganized on first floor.  Due to walls being knocked down and some hallways closed off for flooring installation, a few staffers are roving the unaffected areas to scout for temporary workspace.  In the midst of construction, library work continues.  Shelf reading (checking and correcting books for proper order), program planning, creating staff training sessions on genealogy, and updating the library's online catalog are just a few of the tasks currently underway.

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9-30-2008 first floor wall 9-30-2008 second floor west wall 9-30-2008 second floor computer area

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