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The facelift rumors are true!

Round Rock Public Library is getting a much-needed makeover and will be closed to the public September 29 through November 2, 2008.

Why?  Our library is open 71 hours per week, holidays excepted.  That adds up to a great deal of foot traffic and just overall wear and tear.  The checkout/checkin area serves a continually growing population, handles mountains of books and materials, and needs to be reconfigured to work more efficiently.

Those of you visiting the library recently have witnessed the beginning stages--painters, offices full of boxes, and staffers peering at blueprints.  And while we're closed, we'll share pictures and updates about the renovation.  Beginning September 29, we'll post new photos and comments every day or two.  Many of these photos will show staff hard at work preparing the library for opening. 

For now, some "before" views:





texaskay said:

It is hard to imagine that for an entire month the library will be closed.  I certain don't begrudge the facelift, but I will miss the excitement I feel whenever I enter the portals, never knowing just what treasure I will find between the pages of your books.  However, it will serve to make me appreciate you even more. I eargerly await your re-opening.

# September 22, 2008 3:22 PM

Linda Sappenfield said:


Thanks for your kind comment.  We will miss you and our other patrons, too!  We hope that you'll stop by and stock up on your favorite library materials this week; we're still open through Sunday, September 28.  You can use your TexShare card at area libraries while you await our re-opening, and we hope you'll be delighted with our new look and more efficient workflow on first floor.  This blog will give you visual updates on our progress, so stay tuned...

# September 22, 2008 3:49 PM
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