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Still crazy after all those tags

You probably heard that the library was closed last week to prepare for our new RFID checkout system.  Tasked with installing little white transmitter tags in approximately 180,000 items, we library employees quickly mastered the "insert tag, scan barcode" process.  Then, repetition fatigue set in (about 30 minutes into the week-long project), and we all thanked our lucky stars for the company of like-minded individuals.

Not only are library folk blessed to share a creative and slightly loopy sense of humor, we seem to attract volunteers who can make mind-numbing chores bearable and even fun.  All sorts of music, quirky conversations, and humor (not to mention tips on how to scan just a fraction faster) kept us focused and efficient.

Magic wandThe library is open again, and you'll find us not one bit crazier than before--or one bit less.  The major difference is the amazed smiles inspired by new checkout stations that can scan an entire stack of books at once without your opening any covers.  More than one patron has deemed the process "magic".

Because A/V materials were so time-consuming, we're still tagging some of the books.  Some second-floor volumes are not yet endowed with that special power to instantly scan--yet.  But we're working on it.  And now I have an answer to the awful (for me) question "what are your favorite books?"  I hate to admit how frequently my favorite is the one I just finished.

At this juncture, my response is immediate and fervent:  I like the magic books.


Roger Heaney said:

Great post! I'm glad you all survived!

# April 9, 2010 9:55 AM
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