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Studying the T chromosome

museumThe KUT news story about Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum's upcoming oral/visual history project caught my attention this morning.   By way of accounting for Texans' deep and abiding interest in their state and in its stories, the spokesperson mentioned a book that's familiar here in Round Rock:  Tweed Scott's Texas in Her Own Words. 

We know a good thing when we read it.  This unusual collection of why-I-love-Texas essays was voted the official Round Rock Reads! selection a couple of years ago; the blog provides further details.  Author Scott theorizes that a special element--he calls it the T chromosome--must explain why even transplanted Texans develop such intense affection for the Lone State State.

I enjoyed presenting signed copies to a couple of favorite Texans currently residing in States That Aren't Texas.  If you're considering this book as a potential Christmas gift or just want it for yourself, check the library catalog.  Round Rock Public Library owns multiple copies. 




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