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Book of virtue?

I don't own any of the "So Many Books, So Little Time" paraphernalia marketed to librarians and other book lovers.  I'm not sure whether it's because those items are so common as to be no longer fun or because they sound a little boastful.

A love of reading belongs in the same category as being a natural early riser (an oxymoron, in my opinion) or preferring broccoli over brownies--preferences often mistaken for virtues, which they clearly are not.  In each case, the individual behaves in the manner most comfortable to him/her.  Also, in each instance the reader, early bird, or vegetable aficionado is rewarded--with entertainment and knowledge, the appearance of a great work ethic, and nutrition.  Isn't virtue supposed to be its own reward?

My husband presented my daughter and me with tickets to last night's performance of Wicked.  We set out for the event quite early, wishing to avoid any anxiety associated with traffic or parking.  Arriving well ahead of time, we settled into our seats with knitting (daughter) and a just-published novel (me).  During intermission, the novel came out again, and I immersed myself almost instantly in a pivotal middle chapter--so much so that, when the curtain began to rise again, signaling the continuation of the wonderfully entertaining production, I admit that my first instinctive reaction was "Awwww, guess I'll have to finish this later."  At least I didn't say it aloud.

 Love reading?  Yes.  Proud of it?  Sometimes, not so much! 


ceharbert said:

I have always liked the "So Many Books" sentiment; kind of always wished I had the T-shirt. "So many men so little time" I always thought was funny, though I knew I'd never wear the T-shirt! (I know that last line was irrelevant, but I always think of the 2 slogans together.)

As far as reading during intermissions, I have noticed a sort of sea-change. People with fancy cell phones pull them out while waiting for the show to start and also at Round Rock Express games. They are so much easier to carry than books!  I don't have one of those phones. Last time I went to an Express game, I wanted to bring a book. I thought about how impolite I would look pulling out a book but how no one seems to mind if people play games or text or do email on their cell phones during the ball game.

# September 19, 2009 5:09 PM
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