Downtown Redevelopment

Updated copies of Downtown Master Plan document are available

Updated copies of the Downtown Master Plan document can be found online here or at the Round Rock Library, 216 E. Main Street.

The Plan document now includes the changes detailed in the last post, regarding edits the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission made to the Plan. The document now also contains a letter from the City Council noting, essentially, the Plan is a guidebook, not a rule book, regarding future development downtown. The letter is in Chapter 1, preceding the Executive Summary on Page 1.

There is one other notable change to the document. At its meeting on May 5, the City Council directed staff to make one change to the recommendations regarding the Form Based Code. Previously, the Plan recommended that the Form Based Code, when adopted in the future, apply to properties when “a renovation or new construction is proposed such that the proposed square footage increase is 20 percent or more of the building footprint.” Because the Council wanted to provide additional flexibility to property owners wishing to add space to their homes, the trigger for the new code to apply is now 35 percent.

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