Downtown Redevelopment

December 2009 - Posts

A brief update on Round Rock Downtown Master Plan ... more to come next week

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Major mea culpa for not updating the tentative dates in the previous post when I knew they would change.

We did not have a public hearing or recommendation vote at the Dec. 16 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, as indicated in the previous post. At the P&Z retreat on Nov. 19, the Commissioners asked staff to get some feedback from the City Council regarding the timing of when and where the future form based code would go into effect once adopted. So we reported back to the Commissioners the input from the Council, and discussed a couple of other issues that we didn't get to at the retreat.

You can watch the Dec. 3 City Council presentation and discussion here (go to item 7C3), and the Dec. 16 P&Z update and discussion here (go to Item 3A -- it's toward the bottom of the list as the item was taken out of order during the meeting).

I'll have a more complete update next week, including date(s) for our next round of public input.