Downtown Redevelopment

Round Rock downtown master plan final presentation

What an extraordinary week it's been. We started on Monday with a look at downtown Round Rock today and an outline of the opportunities before us. On Friday night, I believe we saw a true vision coming into focus, based on not just the urban design expertise of the Torti Gallas team (which is considerable), but from the ideas, concerns, hopes and dreams we heard from our residents, business owners and others throughout the week. I am still amazed at how well Neal Payton and his talented designers took that input wove it so artfully and effectively into the plan.

But as Neal said to open Friday's final presentation: Welcome to the end of the beginning. There's much, much, much work to be done to vet the ideas and concepts that emerged so beautifully during the charrette. But as you'll see as you look at the presentation (PDF), what a fantastic start we have made to re-establish downtown Round Rock as the heart and soul of the community.

I'll share some of the comments and Q&A in the next post.


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