Downtown Redevelopment

Round Rock downtown plan charrette midpoint presentation

Just a quick post (for now) on the midpoint presentation. I'll have a follow-up post to capture some of the comments and questions next time.

The presentation shows some of the initial concepts and ideas for how downtown could redevelop. Bear in mind this is not a final plan. It reflects input received so far. These ideas will be refined further as the charrette continues, and we'll show another iteration on Friday evening.

Here's the PDF of the presentation. We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.



RRW-Res said:

They used my water tower photo...I guess I can say I'm published (kinda).

The photo on pg 29, looking into the dwntn area from the eastside was really great.  I hope a gateway will be reproduced at all entrances into downtown areas.

I'm not so sure about the roundabout - the safety statistics were impressive.  I'm trying to be open about this but my mind returns to LaFronteria where I've seen people going the opposite of right of way.  Way scary & there's not a lot of traffic in that area.  Maybe you could send out intructions in the Water Bill on how to drive thru the roundabout.  More people equals more bad drivers.  

I would like to see a statement saying something more definitive about a commitment to preserving the downtown historic structures/buildings.  "Preserving character & scale" is way too vague for the historic community who view the city's preservation efforts as minimal.  

Overall great job and I think the consultants are great.  In time, this will prove to be money well spent for the community at large.

# January 15, 2009 4:55 PM
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