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News and notes on the Downtown Plan charrette

We're almost there! Just a few days left until we kick off the charrette for the Downtown Master Plan.

A couple of things to note from the last post. We have decided to hold three meetings in the Baca Center instead of the Community Room at the McConico Building, where most of the charrette will take place, because we anticipate a large crowd. The Monday evening kickoff meeting, Tuesday evening special session on the Sam Bass ballfields issue, and the Friday final presentation will be held in the grand room at the Baca Center (where we had the big downtown meeting in November 2007), which is next door to the McConico Building.

The Monday morning kickoff presentation and Wednesday evening interim presentation, as well as the daily work sessions, will remain at McConico.

I plan on live blogging the charrette, so folks who can't attend can keep up with goings-on as the design process unfolds over the course of the week. Not sure exactly how frequently I'll post, but it should be at least once a day. So please provide me comments via the blog if you can't make it but still want to provide input. I'll make sure the design team receives all comments I get here.

Look forward to seeing you (or hearing from you) next week.


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