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Walk hard

It occurred to me this week I left a couple of important items out of the first post.

First, I neglected to provide a link to the report (pdf) by Walkable Communities guru Dan Burden that really put downtown in focus for the City. Dan spent a couple of days in Round Rock in July 2007, and conducted a walking audit of downtown. We brought Dan here to help us with the problem pedestrians have downtown, particularly crossing Mays Street. Dan really opened our eyes to the opportunity we have in Round Rock to create a livable, workable, walkable town center. His report is worth reading (be warned: It's a huge file so be patient while it downloads. Dan's a former National Geographic photographer, so his report is full of fantastic shots.)

(While on the topic of walkability, I'll pass along a link forwarded to me by fellow City staffer David Bartels to a 2004 article from the Washington Post on walkable communities and physical health.)

Second, of all the groups, individuals, organizations, businesses, staff, etc., I listed who attended the Nov. 28 meeting, I somehow forgot to mention representatives from the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce. Charlie Ayres, as usual, was particularly helpful in connecting us with downtown business owners.


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