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City seeks input on Railroad Quiet Zone project -- update on public comment period

The City of Round Rock is seeking input regarding the Railroad Quiet Zone project. We held an Open House to present preliminary information and gather public input on Wednesday, Aug. 22, at the Baca Center.

UPDATE: Comments recieved through Friday, Sept. 21, will be included in the project record as comments received as part of the Open House meeting. Any comments received after that will be listened to, responded to and listed in project file notes but will not be included as part of the public meeting record.

The purpose of the Quiet Zone project is to make necessary safety improvements to six public at-grade highway-rail crossings along the Union Pacific Railroad’s mainline so that train operators will not be required to sound their horns.

Here is a map that shows the locations of the crossings (PDF) included in the project.

The individual crossings included in this project, and the recommended changes, are:

  • County Road 172 at McNeil Road (PDF) will add raised medians to the roadway and additional signs
  • Saint Williams Street at McNeil Road (PDF) is recommended for closure. The map shows alternate routes for motorists in Chisholm Valley. is recommended for closure. The cost to convert this intersection so it could remain open will more than double the cost for the entire project, while reasonable alternatives for access already exist. We have run the timing of the alternatives, and in no case does it take more than three minutes on average, and most often is two minutes or less. The map shows alternate routes for motorists in Chisholm Valley.
  • Raised medians and additional signs are recommended for the IH-35 frontage roads at McNeil Road (PDF)
  • Installation of a "quad gate" is recommended for South Burnet Street at Park Lane (PDF -- schematic of this recommendation is on the left side of the page)
  • New signs are recommended at Red Bud Lane at U.S. 79 (PDF -- schematic of this recommendation is on the right side of the page), where raised medians are already in place.

The project does not include the crossings on RM 620 at Chisholm Trail Road and on Sam Bass Road at Wonder Drive.

You can offer comments on the proposal at the City's Decision Points blog, or by contacting Chad Wood, P.E., city Transportation Engineer, at 218-6601.