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Happy Storm Water New Year!

On Aug. 13, the City of Round Rock staff celebrates “Storm Water New Year” as we reach the end of another storm water permit year. Our mandatory permit requires the City to maintain and hopefully improve water quality in our creeks and waterways.  Each we are required to report our accomplishments to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

This year is particularly significant as we reach the end of our five-year permit term which requires full implementation of the Best Management Practices and accomplishment of goals listed in the permit (PDF).

We are proud to say that we completed all of the permit requirements but we realize there is still much work to do. The 2012 City Survey (PDF) revealed 43.5 percent of Round Rock citizens are “Very Satisfied” or “Satisfied” with the “City storm water education and outreach efforts.” However, it also revealed there is another 10.4 percent who expect more. Our own (non-statistical) storm water awareness survey demonstrated that approximately one-third of respondents do NOT know our storm inlets drain directly to creeks. What!?! That is right – we have a ‘storm drain’ system that drains directly to creeks without filtration or treatment.

Round Rock grew 20 percent and gained more than 17,000 residents in the last permit term (2007-2012). Many of our new residents are from older areas of the country where storm “sewers” combine with wastewater flows and pass through a treatment plant. They do not realize that if they throw their cigarette butt into the inlet, blow their grass clippings into the street or fail to properly pick up after a pet … the next rains will carry all of this into our creeks. Yuck!

Look for more information and outreach from the Round Rock Storm Water team as we work toward increasing residents’ understanding of how they can help improve the water quality in our creeks. In the meantime, please visit storm water on the city website for more information.


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