Arts and Culture Strategic Plan

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture and Webb Management Services are pleased to have been selected to conduct the formal study for the Round Rock Arts and Culture in Public Places Strategic Plan.

We will be spending a lot of time in Round Rock over the next few months, but if you'd like to get better acquainted with who we are, we've posted short biographies of our firms below. If you'd like more information on the expertise that each firm brings to this study, you can visit our websites from the links provided.

H3 HARDY COLLABORATION ARCHITECTURE is a collaborative community of professionals founded in 2004 by celebrated architect Hugh Hardy, FAIA and guided by six partners. H3’s team delivers a distinctive approach to planning and design that fosters dialogue among history, innovation, and contemporary use. We have worked with many city, state and federal government agencies as well as community, homeowner, and citizen groups. We respect and encourage a diversity of community voices by providing an open forum to address unique issues or concerns. Cities offer experiences impossible to find elsewhere. The essence of this experience lies in great public places: streets, theaters, museums, restaurants and parks. H3 has been involved in numerous planning, programming, and feasibility studies for the arts as well as studies for the establishment of arts and entertainment districts. These projects typically involve collaboration with financial and arts consultants to determine the market viability of various private and public artistic/entertainment uses. We then examine mechanisms to implement such districts and facilities. Our planning efforts lead to implementation of policies that support and foster local cultural economies, arts and creative facilities, vibrant public spaces with major cultural programming, and streetscape design that form art corridors.

WEBB MANAGEMENT SERVICES is one of the nation’s leading providers of cultural and project planning services having completed over 250 assignments. Our mission is to support the creative process with sound and imaginative planning and services that lead to cultural and community development. We believe the arts play a vital role in shaping our world. Through consulting, training and research, our firm works to strengthen the management and planning skills of the decision-makers who create and sustain diverse cultural communities. Clients include local governments, colleges and universities, nonprofit arts organizations, development agencies and other entities exploring cultural development.

Finally, my name is Eric Galipo and I will be administering the digital presence of the Arts and Culture in Public Paces Strategic Plan. I am an urban planner and designer with H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture. You can find a short biography of my experience here.


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