Arts and Culture Strategic Plan

Round Rock Arts and Culture in Public Spaces Strategic Plan

The City of Round Rock has retained H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture and Webb Management Services to develop an Arts and Culture in Public Spaces Strategic Plan and Implementation Guide in support of Round Rock's strategic vision to be the “City of Choice”.

The Strategic Plan and Implementation Guide is intended to coordinate citywide efforts for bolstering the presence of arts and culture in Round Rock and coalesce ambitions of the arts community more effectively. The plan will assist the city in arriving at a formalized community vision for arts and culture in public places through an extensive stakeholder outreach process. With the assistance of the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Round Rock Area Arts Council, the visioning process will be informed by understanding what differentiates the city physically and culturally, understanding the existing market demand for cultural offerings, and providing best practices insight based on successes in other creative cities.

A clear action plan will be generated with near-term, mid-range, and long-term initiatives that respond to specific objectives generated from the overall visioning and outreach process. Ultimately, the plan will leverage arts and culture as a tool for economic and community development, while enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors.


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