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November 2008 - Posts

Teen Gaming Tournament Continues

Jane and I have to say that Saturday was an amazing launch of our second season.  Jack Patillo, our emcee, was fantastic as always and the Hurd family (name sound familiar?) were in to help set up. 

Over 70 people showed up for the tournament and about 30 or so competed on Melee.

Sadly, gone are the days of Cheeto & Dew and because of our renovations we are now pretzel and water people...however...judging from the empty bags and bottles no one was complaining too much!

Open play was pretty cool with some Mario Kart in the second room and David Bowie!? hmm...on DDR. 

Also we gave a valiant attempt to particiapte in a National Gaming Day Brawl tournament but technical difficulties...yada, yada...it was a great time anyway.  Matt F., Blake B., Kyle S. and Marcus R. were super troopers and hung in there till the bitter end.  Of course, in the end, they did get to boggart the Wii and play online a bit so I think they survived the disappointment. 

 So here is where we stand...Moving on to the finals are:

1. Daniel Vasquez

2. Javier Galicia

Winners of Round One

Lots of guys left hungry for victory so I think we will see a mighty return on December the 6th.  Be there.

Election Day Reminder
My last day here at the Gaming, Learning and Libraries Symposium right outside of Chicago and it's a pretty cool place to be on Election Day. (Of course I can't vote here but -don't worry...I voted early...) I hope to make one last run to Navy Pier after the Symposium ends and before I have to catch my plane. I know most of you are too young to vote yourselves but remind your parents....no matter who they vote for....it's time to VOTE!
We're ba-a-ck!!
I hadn't realized it had been almost a year since our Grand Finale! I am at an amazing Gaming Symposium near Chicago learning more than I could hope about teens, gaming and libraries. I will be truly updating the blog shortly but just for starters... I hope that you all are ready for the second season of our GT!!! I hardly realized that almost one year has passed since our last grand finale! November 15th is National Gaming Day and the first day of our second season. Be at the library by 12:00 for registration and game play begins at 1PM. We are going to compete on Super Smash Bros. Melee and we should have some pretty great open play (and hopefully a few surprises). DDR Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mario Kart Wii Will update more later...links too...