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The Beat Down

Round Four WinnersOk you little sweaty palmed maniacs.  The moment we've all been waiting for. Who will emerge victorious and lord his/her hard won plastic over all the land?  Hmmm...could it be one of the Hurd brothers who, after placing back to back at our first two tourneys, were not to be seen?  Could it be the shrugger Damian who won't reveal any skill secrets (or even verify if he has any)?  Or the red-headed screamer Asa "Yeah! You know it! You Know It!!"? 

There's the picture of the last qualifying tourney of December 1st. They will be moving on for the (wait for it) DADADA DA DA!!!!!! Grande Finale!!! To be held on December the 29th. There everything will be determined, all those worthy will live all those not worthy, well........they'll live too but not as glorious as those who will walk away as the MARIO KART CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD ROUND ROCK PUBLIC LIBRARY!

 So make sure you all prepare for the match of the century because it's going to be a DOOZY.

Attn: ALL GAMERS!!! (and non)

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The Bum said:

Well, I showed up to the tournament once again, only to get beaten out in the second or third match.  Whichever match I lost in, I had maintained first place for nearly the entire race.  I was constantly drifting and getting further and further ahead.  People sitting near me were making comments about how much I was drifting, because I am insanely good at it.  So sometime near the end of the final lap, when the finish line is basically in view, I get hit with a barrage of shells, and cars as I try to get back up to speed.  Turns out I came in just 1 place too low to go on.  Quite lame, since I had been in first place the entire race.  But there was absolutely NO WAY that I could have gotten placed better from that situation.  This is again why I think that Mario Kart: Double Dash is an unfair tournament game.  There are too many luck elements, that can make even the most skilled players, lose. I feel confident in saying that I think, in a time trial (seeing how fast you can do a track with nobody else to mess you up) on Mario Kart: Double Dash, I could probably get a faster time on any level, than most, or all, of the other people at the tournament, because of my incredible drifting abilites, which is the main key element of being good at MK:DD. I am not bragging here, but more showing that even someone with my ability, still loses because of bad luck.

This again brings me back to the idea that Super Smash Bros. Melee should become a tournament game. In super smash bros, you must rely purely on your skill to win.  By turning items off, there is no random luck that can mess you up, unless you are playing on a level that has random things happen in it (moving levels).  Its just pure skill.  I would be MORE than happy to assist in setting up a super smash tourney, or giving ideas or advice on how it could be set up.

But still, my thanks goes out to the library for hosting these tourneys.

# December 12, 2007 12:42 AM

Candy Moseley said:

The Bum-

We appreciate your appreciation.  And your passion for Super Smash Bros. is music to my ears.  Come to the Finale-you may yet be in the running since we are adding the wildcards in by chance.  We are not opposed to running an items off SSB tourney possibly alongside one with the items on for noobs.  

We are keeping our eyes toward next season too.


# December 12, 2007 2:10 PM

The Bum said:


I plan on being there, assuming I don't have to go out of town for the holidays, of course.  A super smash bros tourney would be totally awesome.  My recommendation though, is not to use the tournament feature on the game, because the rules cannot be varried enough, or changed once the tournament has started.  Also you cannot end the tournament, and should a power failure (or something) occurr, all data would be lost.

In my personal opinion, I think a SSB tourney should start off as a 4 person FFA, and end when there are 2 people left standing, and end each match there. Those 2 will go on.  When there is say, 16 people left, then it should all be 1 on 1.  At this point, the tournament system COULD be used efficiently, however, to speed things up, if 2 screens were available for play, then 2 matches running at once (with random fight assignments) would be better.  Then the top 2 will have a final show down.  Also, the rules should be, for all purposes of fairness:  4 stock, 8 minute time limit, damage ratio at 1.0, no handicap, and no items.  As for stages, All moving levels, and temple, should be banned.  Moving levels can be unfair, because death can come to you by bad luck.  In non moving levels, you have control.  Why ban Temple? For one, the level is HUGE. Makes it too easy for people to just run away forever.  Also, the part of temple that is down below can be used in very unfair ways.  It is hard to hit someone out of the level, because they will just hit the cieling instead, and bounce off. It gives people a chance to make an unfair comeback. And especially if they know how to tech off walls (which means you hit a wall, but dont bounce).

I notice whenever I come that both screens with SSB on them are missing either characters and/or levels.  I am more than happy to bring my memory card, which has everything.

Well, even if a SSB tourney does not work out for the next event, I am glad it is being taken into consideration.  SSB is, of course, only the best game on the planet for people showing off their skills in 1v1.  But regardless, I look forward to the next event.

# December 12, 2007 4:56 PM

Cars said:

Hey when is the next tourney?

# June 11, 2008 3:09 PM
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