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December 2007 - Posts

RRPL Exclusive! Live Report From The Gaming Tourney!

Ahh the day has finally come... The 2-6 Teen Gaming Tournament is here!

I'll be reporting as stuff happens, just make like it's happening live as you read.

The prizes look pretty good, and the eye-hand cordination here is INSANE, should be a good binary brawl... 

 Currently it's 12:45, registration for the wildcard spots have begun. There's a Mario Bros. Melle battling away to my left (go Link!), and ther is a bit of a pile up at the DDR. Must grab some snacks...

 It's 1:20, just pulled the 8 wild cards for competion. Man guess who had to pull out the tickets? (X[). Tourney begins soon, the battle for total game ownage is begining to heat up...   

Excellent, Mario Double Dash (MDD) is starting up, and I've got, crud, the 5th best view :p (wassup with that? I should have the best view).

1:25, Right we are doing the qualifyers, nothing to significant. AMAZING gaming  skills being displayed here... 

1:30, Yeah raffle! Ah man, I didn't get anything? Pretty cool games and and MDD RC cars as prizes.

2:05, FINAL RACE! Man, these guys really know there stuff. I'm fairly competent at MDD, but the level of skill at which these guys are racing... is simply phenominal. Amazing things happen when gaming morphs into an art... 

Jacob H WINS!

Final placings are: 

1st: Jacob H

2nd: Jared H

3rd: Marcus R

4th: Damian B

Man, 1st place got a $100 Games Stop gift card, and 2nd-4th got $25 Game Stop gift cards. The level of gaming skill and sportsmanship being displayed here are exponentionally amazing.

Well, that's a wrap on that, looks like we've got some cleaning to do... Nah time for me to Melle! 

GTLeaders on the RRLeader! eh?

First Place RRLeader Photo ShootBehold the mighty glorious that is local celebrity!!

Marcial Guajardo, Managing Editor of the Round Rock Leader stopped by our Teen Room yesterday afternoon to snap some shots of our first place contenders for a featured article.

The boys will be splashed on the cover of the Leader on Thursday, December 27th.  Control your envy and prepare. 

Just two days after the Leader hits the stands our champion will take his rightful place in history-oh who could it be??  The suspense is murder! 

In the meantime, Jane will continue to shop for doorprizes, snacks, gift cards, and generate buzz. 

I will continue to faithfully wait for new SBemails, download free gaming fonts and create snazzy flyers.  Whee!!

The Beat Down

Round Four WinnersOk you little sweaty palmed maniacs.  The moment we've all been waiting for. Who will emerge victorious and lord his/her hard won plastic over all the land?  Hmmm...could it be one of the Hurd brothers who, after placing back to back at our first two tourneys, were not to be seen?  Could it be the shrugger Damian who won't reveal any skill secrets (or even verify if he has any)?  Or the red-headed screamer Asa "Yeah! You know it! You Know It!!"? 

There's the picture of the last qualifying tourney of December 1st. They will be moving on for the (wait for it) DADADA DA DA!!!!!! Grande Finale!!! To be held on December the 29th. There everything will be determined, all those worthy will live all those not worthy, well........they'll live too but not as glorious as those who will walk away as the MARIO KART CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD ROUND ROCK PUBLIC LIBRARY!

 So make sure you all prepare for the match of the century because it's going to be a DOOZY.

Attn: ALL GAMERS!!! (and non)

We still need some winged monkeys to help us spread flyers (haha winged monkeys=flyers) out and spread the gospel of Mario to the world. So let us know.

And Remember folks we want your feed back and dialog, so make sure to sign up for this blog so we can hear what you guys and gals have to say about anything. We also want to know what you all like and dislike so SIGN UP!

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