2-6 Teen

November 2007 - Posts

Crushing the Competition
Round Three winners In a mind bending two hours of frenzied kart dashing four gamers advanced by sheer skill and brute force.  From left to right: Ian, C.J., first place winner Brandon, Cesar and showing off his fine Wii fashion-color commentator Jack Patillo.

Now- here is the deal...One more tournament event -then the big throw down.

I would read this very carefully if I were you...December 1st is our last qualifying match for a guaranteed seat at the Big Boy's Table- but here is where it gets fun guys- make sure you come to the Grand Championship on December 29th even if you were NOT in any of the final four. 

There are some pretty little words we've been throwing around...sound something like "wildcard" and "door prizes" and "give-aways".

And for all you "I wanna help!"  types - we are looking for help setting up, taking down, advertising, and my personal favorite, ideas and input for our next season.

December 1.  Be there.  Bring your friends.  Tempt them with the opportunity to watch you Crush the Competition.  That or the free cookies.  Either one.