2-6 Teen

The question becomes one of dominance

Is it in the genes?  

Once upon a time Jared H. placed in the top four in round one of the 2-6 Teen Gaming Tournament. 

Round Two Top 4

Guess who took home the TOP prize this time...that's right, say it with me, Little Bro!!  It seems little brother Jacob has been taught a thing or two and maybe has some teaching to do himself.  But come December 29th the brothers go head to head along with 14 other Masters of the Kart.  Be there.

Why hello winners!  Aren't you looking dapper?  We can almost see the sparks flying from their electric capabilities!

Oh wait...sorry...I...I think that's just our rope lights...

From left to right: Damian B. third place, Jacob H. first place, Moises N. second place, Koge D. fourth place and, ladies and gentlemen, Jack Pattillo, Lord of the Color Commentary.

See our MySpace page for further glory.

So here are my questions for you- spectators:  Can you...

  1. Bring it
  2. Handle Intense Mayhem
  3. Dominate

If so, we may just be the Gaming Tournament for You! You!! YOU!!!


johnny5 said:

great news congrats to the winners i hope to take the prize one day

# October 29, 2007 6:03 AM
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