2-6 Teen

One day, when I was passing by the library...

We came, we snacked, we dance danced, we double dashed and somewhere in the middle I believe there was a melee. 

2-6 Teen's first Gaming Tournament was a Super Smash Success! (Awww, that was cheesy-like the Cheetos you so crave). 

Over 100 people showed up and we had 40 competitors bracketed in the Double Dash competition. 

2-6 Teen Gaming Tournament WinnersKevin S. took the GameStop gift card home with him but John C., Dylan R., and Jared H. rounded out the Top 4.  All will return for our Grand Championship in December.  Don't they look content as they pose with Jack- our noble Color Commentator?  Or maybe that's just the after effects of Mountain Dew Game Fuel?

Jane and I can not give the words "Thank you" enough meaning to all who helped but we especially want to acknowledge: Jack, Brooks, Matt, David, Lee and Kevin.  "Thank you, sweeties" go out to Ryan, Josh and Jacob for helping with set up and clean up.

Our future will be decided by you- my young gamers.  Here we will be posting questions that will probe your fertile brains fueling our maniacal plans for total world domination.  Or sumpin' like that. 

We ask.  You answer.  Mkay? Mkay.

And so it begins...

You hold in your hands a wee little baby of a Teen Program...grow with it what you will.

Smack talk amongst yourselves.


ArriNaut said:

I think there needs to be, mmmmmm...... maybe a Halo tournament thrown in for good measure.

# September 20, 2007 12:18 PM

The Bum said:

Ok, so I went today (October 13) and entered the Mario Kart tournament.  First of all, I would like to thank the Library for hosting this.  I had a great time overall, and have a few suggestions for making it better.  First suggestion is that Super Smash Bros. Melee become a tournament event.  I personally think it is a much more competative game.  Second... the Mario Kart setup needs some help.  My suggestion is that instead of having 8 people playing at once, that you have 2 sets of 4.  The problem with the LAN game is that each person gets a random car, with random characters, on a random level.  This messes some people up because they are not used to a car with a different driving feel, weight, and characters.  What I suggest is that each person, when they register, fill in a slot with a character preference.  If they have no preference, they can choose from what is left.  Players may not always get their choice.  For instance, 2 people request Baby Mario.  Well, baby Mario and Luigi are the same, so they each can have one of those, and 1 other character.  Anyone can use any car, based on what characters they are using.  Every car and character combo has a very different feel as well as different abilities and sizes.  For instance, today, I lost horribly in the semifinals because I got stuck with a team that I NEVER use, on a car with horrible stearing abilites.  I was also completely unable to make use of drifting because of the car.  But there was nothing I could do.  My friend got stuck with the exact same team in an earlier race and lost.  Now, I am not being a sore loser here, I just think it is a bit unfair.  I practiced a bit for this tournament in hopes of using a team similar to the one I was practicing with.  The whole random thing kinda threw me off.

Anyhow, this was still a great event, and I hope some of my suggestions help out!

# October 13, 2007 4:50 PM

Candy Moseley said:

The Bum-

You have some very valid concerns. Let me tell you why we've set up this way...We wanted to get a feel for the gaming community in Round Rock and chose Mario Kart because of the LAN mode. It helps keep the tournament moving at a good pace with a level playing field.  It does limit us to random karts and characters though-personally, I like using both Babies and their kart so I totally get where you're coming from.  We just can't have our technical cake and eat it too.  

As far as Melee goes we would LOVE to add it- we just need to know that you all want it.  I can tell you that Super Smash Bros. Melee and DDR for that matter are very likely to become tournament events next season IF gamers continue to show up in good numbers and take an active interest in the tournament and its future. Think of the games out there and imagine the possibilities...

Your suggestions will always help out--they show that you want the library to provide you all with gaming tournaments. Let us know what you want by asking-at the very least we will truly consider it.


# October 13, 2007 8:47 PM

The Bum said:


My main opposition to Mario Kart: Double Dash is in the fact that anyone, regardless of skill level, can go from first place, to last within a matter of seconds, just by bad luck.  For instance, I was playing a race once, and I was far in first place. It was almost at the end of the last lap. First I get hit with a blue winged shell, I get moving, then I am hit with a red shell, which causes me to hit a fake item.  By that point in time, I am down to 3rd place.  I am hit with another red shell, and 2 more people pass me.  As I am trying to get up to speed, I am hit by a heavy car with bowser in it, which made me fly off the level.  By the time I get back on the track, I am now in 7th place.  In the end, I managed to get back to 5th place.  But there was no way that I could have played any better and gotten 1st.  This is why I personally think Mario Kart: Double Dash is a bit of an unfair game at times.

A few concerns that I have for Super Smash Bros Melee becoming a tournament event:

First off, just like with Mario Kart, the items in the game can make it so that even a skilled player can lose.  For instance, the hammer.  Some characters can avoid someone with a hammer easily because of their speed, or because they have ranged attacks.  But a lot of people use characters like Roy, Marth, C. Falcon, etc... who have NO ranged attacks.  This can make for an unfair game.  So, what I am trying to say, is that Items should be either turned off, Or extremely limited.  Also, I think levels should be somewhat limited.  Levels like Big Blue (level where you play on the cars while they move down the tracks) should be banned.  I never have any problems with them, but I know a lot of people do.  My other big concern is fights with 4 people.  I personally think by the semifinals, that the fights should be 1 on 1.  

Also, I have heard rumors about being able to play Super Smash Bros. Melee with more than 4 people.  If I find out anything else, I will post something about it.

# October 21, 2007 7:51 PM

Candy Moseley said:

The Bum,

You hit the nail on the head when you said that items make it so that even a skilled player can lose.  What that means to us is that a novice can walk in to the GT and really have a shot at placing.  This is important to us as we get a feel for our gaming community.  

Does that mean that we shun the skills you have developed from practice?  

Heck no!!

We want you all to let us know what you want from the gaming tournaments.  

And what if that means adding seperate tournaments to our season that go deeper into the regulations for a game (read-no items Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament)?

Well, then, we take an honest look at the possiblity.

# October 24, 2007 3:48 PM
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