2-6 Teen

2-6 Teen drumroll... and our first question is...

The TrioAhh the Wii... rhymes with PS3 and come to think of it-with 3.6.T.

Next-gen gaming consoles.


Which do you geek dream about?


Brooks Bennett said:

The PS3 has a lot of potential, but does not really live up to the hype right now...

The Xbox 360 has the coolest games and best online experience...

The Wii is the most fun for a quick gaming fix...

I "geek dream" about one that truly is a home entertainment hub. Access all of my music, TV shows, and movies (in any format) and pipe them onto my television.

Right now, none of them really fit that bill.

# September 9, 2007 3:16 PM

ArriNaut said:

Well I've had a Wii since launch and in my opinion you got to have it as a base next gen. system. I've always liked Microsoft, only cuz I'm not a Apple fanboy, so for me the 360 was the next best bet. So I was lucky enough to get myself a Tre seis cero. And it's been pretty sweet and even sweeter is when Halo 3 comes out. yah!

# September 20, 2007 12:14 PM
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