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September 2007 - Posts

2-6 Teen Gaming Tournament Dates

Just to let y'all know the next tournament dates are:

OCTOBER 13TH, 2007 

NOVEMBER 17, 2007

DECEMBER 1, 2007


Join in here, post on the blog, and let us know if you will be coming along. See you there for more Mario Kart Double Dash!

2-6 Teen drumroll... and our first question is...

The TrioAhh the Wii... rhymes with PS3 and come to think of it-with 3.6.T.

Next-gen gaming consoles.


Which do you geek dream about?

One day, when I was passing by the library...

We came, we snacked, we dance danced, we double dashed and somewhere in the middle I believe there was a melee. 

2-6 Teen's first Gaming Tournament was a Super Smash Success! (Awww, that was cheesy-like the Cheetos you so crave). 

Over 100 people showed up and we had 40 competitors bracketed in the Double Dash competition. 

2-6 Teen Gaming Tournament WinnersKevin S. took the GameStop gift card home with him but John C., Dylan R., and Jared H. rounded out the Top 4.  All will return for our Grand Championship in December.  Don't they look content as they pose with Jack- our noble Color Commentator?  Or maybe that's just the after effects of Mountain Dew Game Fuel?

Jane and I can not give the words "Thank you" enough meaning to all who helped but we especially want to acknowledge: Jack, Brooks, Matt, David, Lee and Kevin.  "Thank you, sweeties" go out to Ryan, Josh and Jacob for helping with set up and clean up.

Our future will be decided by you- my young gamers.  Here we will be posting questions that will probe your fertile brains fueling our maniacal plans for total world domination.  Or sumpin' like that. 

We ask.  You answer.  Mkay? Mkay.

And so it begins...

You hold in your hands a wee little baby of a Teen Program...grow with it what you will.

Smack talk amongst yourselves.

Welcome to the world... 2-6 Teen Gaming Tournament!

mario and luigiJoin us as we feature Nintendo's blockbuster hit Mario Kart Double Dash on the GAMECUBE console for the first bracketed tournament of our very first season!  We will also have Super Smash Bros. Melee and PS2's DDR running for open play.

Jack Pattillo from Aspyr in Austin will be providing color commentary, and Matt Messner from Mustache Skateboards located off Gattis School Road in Round Rock has been working with us on our forthcoming tournament logo. 

Refreshments will be provided, and yes...we will have a reward for the worthiest, most skilled,  shell tossing, kart crashing gamer in Round Rock!



Ages: 12-18

Where: Round Rock Public Library

When: Saturday, September 8

Time: 12:00 - 3:00 p.m.

For more information call Jane or Candy at (512) 218-7006

Please arrive at 12 to allow for 30 minute registration.