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Early August 2010
Water conservation reminder; Always on Spotlight - Unclaimed property search; General Plan approved; Preservation Minute - Historical Downtown Buildings; Development Services Office now open; 5k for Clay and Recreation registration.
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  • Water Workshops at Home Depot

    April 22 marks Earth Day each year.  This year you can help make your home a little more earth-conscious by attending a free water conservation seminar at Home Depot here in Round Rock. 

    Here's an announcement about the event:  On Saturday, April 26, from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m, The Home Depot will host free Water Conservation Workshops at all of its 1,977 U.S. stores. This is a nationwide effort to educate and empower residents across the country to improve water efficiency inside and outside the home.  The announcement of the workshops is one of several measures the company is taking to assist homeowners where many face water restrictions due to current dry conditions.

    Workshops will cover water-saving home improvement projects which help conserve the most water, including replacing fixtures with more efficient U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense labeled toilets, showerheads, and faucets. Workshops will also include outdoor water-saving options, such as installing drip irrigation, rotary nozzle or dual-spray sprinklers, and WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers.  In 2013, customers of The Home Depot saved 42.5 billion gallons of water through the purchase of WaterSense labeled products. 

     Local community organizations are invited to call their local stores to get involved. Residents are encouraged to attend and learn more about water-efficient solutions they can implement at home. Details and registration information can be found

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  • This month: rhyme AND reason

    April's first fifteen days may represent other priorities for you, but this is National Poetry Month . The Academy of American Poets website offers a multitude of ways to celebrate, including Poem in Your Pocket Day (4/24). For an enjoyable and non-intimidating local occasion, consider the poetry... MORE»
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  • Summer is Headed Our Way

    The temperatures have started creeping up into the 80s consistently now...and the beautiful bluebonnets are everywhere! It's starting to feel like summer and the City's water use is going up to further confirm that warming feeling. Folks have started watering their yards, planting grass and gardens... MORE»
  • Would you like a film with that?

    For someone who pokes fun at shallow social networking relationships (one click and you're a "friend") I am awfully quick to claim comradeship with noted authors. Without demonstrating equal talent, one can still bask in the approbation of kindred opinions. Masterfully expressing viewpoints... MORE»
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  • Reminder on Rainbarrel & Compost Bin Sale

    Spring is nearly officially here, it happens on March 20th! I wanted to remind you that the Water Conservation Program is having another rainbarrel sale--which ends on March 31st ! These are the same 50-gallon Ivy barrels and 65-gallon Moby barrels that were sold last year. You can prepurchase barrels... MORE»
  • Do you have a good reimagination?

    Perhaps we should make TCM 's Robert Osborne an honorary library staffer . He enhanced a customer interaction this week. The caller queried, "I don't owe any fines, right?" Extra-busy recently, she'd lost track of time and required confirmation that nothing was overdue. Well, you... MORE»
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  • Self-help on many levels

    We don't operate within Downton Abbey-like social strata, and no impenetrable physical barrier (that we know of) seals off the library's first floor from the second. Still, top-floor reference librarians go for long stretches of time without speaking to first-floor youth librarians. And we like... MORE»
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  • Irrigation Workshop

    Do you have an irrigation system, but don’t quite know how to use it effectively? Or at all?? Do you have an irrigation system and would like to learn how to make simple repairs, fixes, and upgrades to it yourself? If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, I’d like to invite you to the free... MORE»
  • The ghost who got a warm reception

    In Valerie Martin's new The Ghost of the Mary Celeste, famed British author and Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle is touring the United States. Though gracious among his fans, Doyle finds every dinner, interview, lecture, or appearance to be wearyingly predictable: the American penchant... MORE»
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  • Springtime Sprinkler Check

    The beautiful weekends have made me ready for Spring! The weekend weather has been perfect to get a little yard work done, but then it's freezing again! When spring cleaning the yard by adding new mulch, trimming back frozen plants, and installing some color, those of us with automatic sprinker systems... MORE»
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